The Flood Institute created the Certified Flood Adjuster™ training program. This program is designed by professionals for professionals. What makes this course different is it equips flood adjusters with practical knowledge for everyday use in the flood insurance industry.

Certified Flood Adjuster™

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  • Access for 12 months
  • Works on mobile devices

Covers the Standard Flood Insurance Policy, and also specific claims adjustment practices, procedures and documentation standards currently in use by the NFIP Direct side and the WYO Carriers nation-wide. You will also gain specific “hands-on” knowledge regarding different building types, construction, measurements, photography, and tested actual best practices in handling claims in a real world environment – not just theory!




Course Overview


Lesson 1: Introduction to the NFIP Flood Policylesson1small

In the first lesson, you will learn about the NFIP flood policy.






Lesson 2: NFIP Dwelling Formlesson2small

In this lesson you’ll learn about what’s covered in the NFIP Dwelling Form.






Lesson 3: The Life of a Flood Claimlesson3small

In this lesson you’ll learn about the life of a flood claim as we take a look at the steps involved in a claim from inception to conclusion.






Lesson 4: The Loss Noticelesson4small

In this lesson you’ll learn the parts of the loss notice.






Lesson 5: Meet the Clientlesson5small

In this lesson you’ll learn about meeting the client and what to do when you get onsite.






Lesson 6: Confirm a GCFlesson6small

In this lesson you’ll learn how to confirm that there was, indeed, a general condition of flooding.






Lesson 7: Exterior and Interior Photoslesson7small

Someone once said, “A picture is worth 1000 words.” This statement could never be more true when handling flood insurance claims. Photographs provide the main piece of evidence you have to give the claims examiners and FEMA an accurate look at what happened. Along with your estimate of damage and Final Report, photos provide a basis for either approving or denying a claim based on its merits. In this lesson you’ll learn which photos to take outside and inside the property.



Lesson 8: Exterior and Interior Measurementslesson8small

Measuring is a very important part of the claims investigation. Accurate measurements are needed to determine the square footage of the risk. In this lesson you’ll learn how to take exterior and interior measurements.





Lesson 9: Scoping the Losslesson9small

You have met the insured and gone on-site. You have taken your photographs and measurements inside and out. Next you will scope the loss. In this lesson you’ll learn how to scope the building damage and prepare a contents loss inventory.





Lesson 10: Building Damage Preliminary Reportlesson10small

You have completed your on-site building damage scope and contents inventory; next, you must complete the Building Damage Preliminary Report form. In this lesson, you will learn about the form and how to complete it.