About Us

Who we are and how we got here


Why We Exist

The Flood Institute was created in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Superstorm Sandy in 2012.  It was obvious that there simply weren’t enough adjusters to handle the high volumes of flood insurance claims that occurred when storms hit the densely populated areas of the Northeast.

That’s Great! So What are You Doing About It?

The solution was to create The Flood Institute, a comprehensive online learning center where the beginning, or experienced adjuster can learn new skills, and brush up on existing techniques.

Bite-sized Learning – It’s a no brainer that we learn better when we are focused. By keeping lessons short you can focus on learning and not wondering if a lesson will ever end.

Consistent Training – Flood Adjusters currently receive only an annual workshop where the same material is presented year after year with only minor enhancements. It is then up to the individual adjusting company to train their staff. While we all work under the same umbrella of rules proposed by FEMA and the WYO companies, the training does not reflect this. There was no industry standard with which to compare one company’s training with another. The Flood Institute is establishing that standard now.

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