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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from becoming a Certified Flood Adjuster™?
  • You will understand how the policy, FEMA bulletins, and WYO Company guidelines actually work together during a claim.
  • You will have specific knowledge regarding different building types, construction, measurements, photography, and tested actual best practices in handling claims in a real world environment – not just theory!
  • You will have the knowledge you need to be able to effectively communicate with the insured and claims examiners, set expectations, explain coverage and claims process, become a trusted advisor, and provide exceptional customer service to the policy-holder.
  • WYO Companies and Agents will be able to verify adjusting firms and IA’s to make sure they are keeping current with their education when assigning claims. The flood support staff will benefit from increased knowledge in the ever changing world of flood insurance.
How is the course delivered?
  • The entire course is delivered online which will allow you to take the course whenever and wherever you desire as long as you have Internet access.
  • The entire course is self-contained, you do not have to read books outside of the course platform.
  • The course is interactive and will provide text, audio, and video as well as user-interactive modules which makes for a better and more exciting learner experience.
  • The course is designed using mastery based learning which allows you to take the course in organized practical modules at your own pace without rushing.
  • The course is available to take 24/7/365, which means you no longer have to wait for an annual Flood Workshop to take place.
How do I find the course I purchased?

To find the course(s) you have purchased:

  • Go to www.floodinstitute.com and click Log In.
  • Enter your username and password and click Log In.
  • Your will be taken to the My Courses page.
  • The course(s) you are registered for will be displayed on this page. Click the course you want to work on.
  • You will also be able to view and print your course certificate(s) for course(s) you’ve completed on this page.
How long do I have to complete my course?

Your course will expire 12 months from the date you purchase the course.

What do I do if I have questions, problems, or concerns about my course?

You can send an email to support@floodinstitute.com. Or visit our Contact Us page and send us an email by filling out our contact form. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for any email responses.

How many times can I take a quiz?

You have as many attempts as you need at the quizzes built within the course. Don’t stress if it takes you a couple tries — no one sees your quiz results or number of attempts.

If you do not obtain the required passing grade on a quiz you will be provided with two options.

The first is to immediately retake the quiz without review.  The second is to review the course material and give it another go.  You may need to click on the Menu tab, located on the upper left side of the course, to review the pages in the lesson.

Why does the final exam have different questions if I have to take it again?

The final exam is drawn from a “bank” of questions. The question bank is always three times the size of the test. For every question asked there are actually 3 eligible questions in the bank. For example, if the exam contains 25 questions, there are a total of 75 questions in the bank. Questions are randomly chosen. You may see some repetition of questions, or questions of a similar nature, but each time you take an exam it will be different from the previous attempt.

Can I take the course in more than one sitting?

Part of the appeal of online education is the ability to make it work for you and your schedule.  If you have 5 minutes, so does the course.  If you have 5 hours…well, the course does too!

To take a break from your course just Log Out. Can’t get back to it until tomorrow or a few weeks?  No worries.  Your progress will be saved and you can pick up where you left off when you come back!

And since the course(s) are available 24/7 wherever you have access to a computer or tablet and the Internet. you can work on them completely at your convenience.

Can I work on my course from different computers or tablets?

YES! Since our courses are web based, you are able to login from any Internet connected computer or tablet anywhere, at any time.

How do I print my certificate?

As soon as you pass the final exam, a link will be provided on the final exam results screen that allows you to view and print your certificate. If you overlook it that’s ok because you can access your certificate at anytime by logging into your account and going to the My Courses page. Click the “Expand All” link and you will see your course certificate.


What is The Flood Institute's refund policy?

Our courses are backed by our 100% No-Nonsense Guarantee. Your time is valuable (not to mention your money) and you shouldn’t have to pay for a course that doesn’t provide an exceptional educational experience. If at any time up to 2 business days after registering for the course you tell us that the course fails to meet or exceed your expectations, we will refund up to 100% of your purchase price. No gimmicks. No empty promises. No fine print. Just Exceptional Education — No Exceptions.